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Sailor Hocoro Dip Pen (F/M/1.0mm/2.0mm/Fude nib)

by Sailor
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MYR 72.00
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If you have a collection of inks, whether they be calligraphy ink or fountain pen inks, the SAILOR Hocoro dip pen make it very easy for you to write without having to worry about cleaning them out or committing to one ink color for a longer period of time or fiddling with a converter. Since the pen only comes with a nib and no feed, the only thing you have to do to switch between ink colors is dip in clean water and wipe off with a cloth. 

The SAILOR Hocoro dip pen is fuss free unlike the glass dip pen, lightweight as it is made of resin. The nib is removable allowing for it to be easily stored away and kept with your other writing utensils. 

The pen barrel is designed to hold one nib unit at a time with a flat side to avoid rolling, even if you don't have a pen rest, you don't have to worry about the pen rolling off your desk.

Available in grey or white barrels in five nib sizes; F nib, M nib, 1.0mm nib, 2.0mm nib and fude nib. If you'd like to have the option of two nibs, the dip pen is available in a combo set of one barrel and two nibs (Fine size and 1.0mm size)

Replacement nib and Ink Reservoir Attachment for the Sailor Hocoro dip pen is also available.

* Do not use wet wipes, cloths, or chemicals containing alcohol when removing dirt from the pen body or tip. The resin may become brittle and crack.

Made in Japan.