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Nib Unit for Sailor Hocoro Dip Pen (F/1.0mm/2.0mm/Fude)

by Sailor
Original price MYR 10.60 - Original price MYR 51.00
Original price
MYR 10.60
MYR 10.60 - MYR 51.00
Current price MYR 10.60

These are nib units for the SAILOR Hocoro dip pen

Available in four nib sizes; F nib, 1.0mm nib, 2.0mm nib and fude nib

You will also have the option of increasing the ink capacity of your SAILOR Hocoro Dip Pen with this Ink Reservoir Attachment. Simply add this feed to the underside of your nib, and you'll be able to write and draw for longer without having to re-dip your pen.

* Do not use wet wipes, cloths, or chemicals containing alcohol when removing dirt from the pen body or tip. The resin may become brittle and crack.

Made in Japan.