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Kuretake Zig BrusH2O Watercolour Brush

Original price MYR 18.90 - Original price MYR 30.90
Original price
MYR 18.90
MYR 18.90 - MYR 30.90
Current price MYR 18.90

Kuretake Zig BrusH2O Water Brush Pen is in a convenient size and shape. The Kuretake water brush pen is easy to hold and control the flow of water by adjusting the pressure applied to the body. As water flows through the brush, it is self-cleaning that the brush does not require the wash. 

Kuretake's pen is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. It is especially loved by professional users and artists due to its durability and stability of the pen tip. Well received for its suitability in delicately painting narrow to wide ranges fluidly.
It can be used for various purposes, just as a real watercolor brush can be. It is ideal for paintings, illustrations, fine art, coloring books, card making, and more. It is a wonderful tool to use with water-soluble colored pencils, or a water-based pen, to create unique watercolor paintings.

Easy to carry and ideal for outdoor sketching during travel or art classes. Mixing and creating gradations of color anytime, anywhere. Once the brush dries, no water will leak.

How to use
Unscrew the brush cap from the barrel.
Place fingers on the "PUSH" panels gently squeezing while immersing in water, allowing it to flow into the barrel.
Reattach the brush tip. Adjusting pressure on the squeeze barrel will control water flow for a drier or wetter palette.

Precautions for use
Do not use it for anything other than the intended purpose.
For prolonged storage, empty the barrel and remove excess moisture from the tip.

Available in 4 sizes: Detailer, Medium, Large and Broad