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Wax Seal Silicone Mold

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With this wax seal silicone pad, you can get perfect round shape for your wax seals. Each pad can make 12 wax seals at the same time. Recommended for 25mm round wax seal.

*Staining might occur after use but does not transfer or affect the next batch of wax seals. Spoons, wax sticks and beads are also available for sale in store separately. 

Steps to use:

  1. Use a spoon to pour melted wax into the centre of the mold. *Avoid filling up the mold fully to prevent overflowing when stamping.
  2. Stamp the seal on the wax, wait a few seconds until the wax cools.
  3. Pop the wax seal out from the mold.
  4. When using on envelopes, you can heat up the back of the wax seal to melt it slightly and stick it on the envelope. Alternatively, you can stick it on with double-sided tape.

Size: 12.7cm x 17.2 cm 
Inner mold diamater: 30mm *best fit 25mm wax seal