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TWSBI Swipe Fountain Pen

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A traditional cartridge, converter type fountain pen. 

The pen, ink cartridge, traditional converter, and a spring converter come all in one, ready for you to use right away. 

Cartridges/Converter are standard international top hole fitting. 

Nib size: EF, F, M, B, and Stub1.1 

Made for the beginner who just wants to try out fountain pens, all the way to the experts. 

The Swipe Fountain Pen comes with one spring-loaded piston converter and one short standard international black ink cartridge

Please note: Ink is NOT included

A quick no brainer guide in choosing nib sizes in an overly complicated fountain pen world:

If you write small, go with an EF
For the normal writer, F is the most popular
If you tend to lean on a bigger font, M will be perfect
B is for statements!! Sign a check in B, write a header in B, do some coloring/shading in B
Stub nibs are italic in writing style


Included in every ECO fountain pen is a quick reminder to wipe the ink off the nib and feeder right after you fill up the pen. This is an important step; only needed when you ink up/refill the pen. 

For more pens from TWSBI;


By removing and reinstalling the nib/feeder, air is allowed inside the barrel, causing an imbalanced pressure within. The result is ink being pushed out at a rapid rate. Therefore, after reinstalling the feeder/nib(make sure feeder/nib are seated properly at bottom of the feeder chamber), please remember to use a cloth/tissue to soak up all excess ink on the feeder (Do this also after refills). This will balance out the ink/air pressure inside the feeder and barrel, ensuring smooth operations