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Troublemaker Fountain Pen Ink / Standard Series

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Troublemaker inks are beautiful handmade fountain pen inks from the Philippines that features dramatic shading, beautiful sheen and vibrant tone. The inks are mixed, bottled and packaged  manually in small batches, the colors can vary slightly from one bottle to another. Available in 4 different ink types in a wide range of colours:

  • Standard Ink - Blue Guitar, Basilica Red, Bantayan Turquoise, Freedom Park Rose, Hanging Rice, Kawasan Teal, Luneta Twilight Pink, Mango, Opon Channel Blue, Purple Yam, Sinulog Black, Tablea and Tuslob Buwa
  • Shading Ink - Golden Orchid, Sepia Hour, Rodeo, Abalone, Foxglove, Kelp Tea, Milky Ocean, Petrichor, Sea Glass, Moon River
  • Shimmer Ink - Autumn Rain Grey, Copper Patina, Dragon Fruit, Starry Night Blue, Butterfly Dream, Polar Lights
  • Sheening Ink - Dona Victorina, Lam-ang, Simoun, Nenita.

60ml plastic bottle.

Image Credits to Phidon Pens