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Tachikawa T40 Pen Holder

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This holder is compatible with both regular and round nibs such as the Nikko mapping nib. The holder features special double rubber rings at the tip; the inner ring can take smaller round nibs and the larger ring can take regular nibs. The rubber grabs the nibs tightly, preventing shifting when drawing.Comic nibs are famous for producing strong and crisp lines that are difficult to duplicate with pens and brushes. They are great for creating detail in drawings.

It will hold the following broad edge nibs: Mitchell, Speedball, Tape, Tachikawa. It will not hold Brause nibs; they are too loose.This holder comes with a plastic cap to fit over the nib (and the cap can be posted while you are using the holder!). That way, you can leave the nib in the pen and not worry that it will get damaged. 

Total length (excluding cap) is 5.75 inches, width is about 1/2 inch thick. 

Made in Japan


Tachikawa is a famous pen company in Japan. Professional manga artists use Tachikawa pens for drawing. 

Tachikawa Pens are availible in five types: 

* Tachikawa 600 Chrome Pen: Large pen nib, capable of varying line thicknesses 

* Tachikawa G-Pen: Used for drawing main lines and flash lines. Direct, hard touch 

* Tachikawa School Pen: Similar to the G-Pen, with somewhat softer nib point.Makes slightly bolder lines 

* Tachikawa Nihon-Moji Pen: Used for writing characters or lettering 

* Tachikawa Maru Pen: Small nib for detailing and thin lines 

Tachikawa Pen holders are used to hold the pen nibs. 

Availible in two types: 

* Tachikawa Pen Holder T-25: For wider nibs 

* Tachikawa Maru Pen Holder: Small and thin; for holding Maru nibs