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& Studium - Spiral Ring Study Planner (Daily)

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A daily ring bound study planner that allows you to clearly write down your daily plans. The study planner is a planner that creates a habit of studying systematically and happily by writing down your daily study records.

Increase your motivation by recording your difficult studies in cute ways.

The key point of ``Daily'' is that you can clearly plan and reflect on your daily plans, and you can immediately apply them to your next day's study.

Recommended for people who want to study hard and study hard, such as studying for entrance exams.

This ring notebook type was created based on feedback such as ``I want something that I can use while studying!'' and ``I want something that is easy to open.''

This 3-month study notebook that you can start from the day you want to do your best. By using the Study Planner, you will naturally acquire the basics of setting goals and working backwards to make a plan, studying according to the plan, and reflecting on what you have studied so that you can master it.

*This planner is meant for 3 months' worth of schedule within a single book.


Size: 200mm x 140mm
Pages: 192 pages