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Silver Black Velvet® Voyage™ Travel Brushes

Original price MYR 179.00 - Original price MYR 768.00
Original price MYR 179.00
MYR 179.00
MYR 179.00 - MYR 745.00
Current price MYR 179.00

Black Velvet® Voyage™ offers unsurpassed quality and convenience in a watercolor brush. Made of 5 Diamond quality natural squirrel hair and a black synthetic blend, these brushes hold huge amounts of color and release it with perfect control for watercolors, silk painting, inks, dyes, water acrylics and gouache.

The Voyage™ brushes are specifically design for plein air or travel painting and can easily fit in your pocket. For ease of transportation, the brushes collapse and fit inside the handle for secure storage. To use the brush, simply remove the gold cap, exposing the brush and then insert the gold cap into the black handle.

The bristles are known for holding large amounts of color and releasing it with perfect control, has been blended with synthetic filaments that resist wear and maintain snap and spring. This soft blend allows multiple glazing layers without disturbing previous colors, yet the brush hairs are firm enough to lift color with gentle scrubbing.

The series of brushes (sold individually) consist of four Round brushes, one each of size 2, 4, 6, and 8. The brush heads can be removed and inserted into the handles for storage. The brushes measure 4-5/16" long when closed.