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Shikata Ga Nai (An illustrated Japan Travelogue) by Szetoo

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From the author: In the autumn of 2017 I took a two week solo journey across Japan from Osaka to Kyoto to Mt Fuji and finally Tokyo. I began sketching and documenting sights and eats along the way, while learning to find comfort in solidarity. Many long walks were taken, cats were pet and unspeakable amounts of money was spent on one too many kombini (convenience store) eats which you will see within these pages. Apart from illustrations I've also included photos, tickets and also little musings of the places I've been and my travel itinerary.

This book contains over 60 pages of illustrations in full watercolor and took me 5 years to complete. The title of this book is Shikata Ga Nai which in Japanese means 'to let go'. Experiencing something new can be scary but in order to move forward in life or seek new opportunities, one has to let go of that which holds them back be it the familiarity of a place, their past or even people. Even putting out something as personal as this project is terrifying, but sometimes we have to do that which scares us the most in order to grow If you are a fan of Japanese culture and watercolor art, we hope you will love this book.

Size: 15 x 21cm

Illustrated and written by Szetoo 

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