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Sailor Dipton Sheening Ink for Dip Pen

by Sailor
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Experience the mysterious dual nature of Sailor Dipton Sheening Ink for Dip Pen! Each mesmerizing color brings a special charm - Blue Flame, Ripe Fig and Dark Cave. The duo-chromatic colors shift based on the angle and lighting of your writing.  Let your words flow with these beautiful inks! 

Origin of the name “Dipton”
Derived from actions involved in dipping a dip pen into ink before beginning to write.
Dip + “ton”, an onomatopoeia for the tap sound made when pressing the nib against the bottle rim to drip off excess ink.

Do not use with fountain pens.
Compared to regular fountain pen ink, sheen ink tends to clump and harden more quickly. Therefore, after each use, be sure to thoroughly wipe off any ink that has gotten on the bottle rim and the inside of the cap (screw cap ridges), and cap tightly.
If ink is not wiped off from the bottle rim/inside of the cap before closing the bottle, the residual ink may harden, causing the cap to get stuck.

Size: 20ml of ink