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Princeton 3050 Mini-detailer Synthetic Sable Brush // Monogram

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The 3050 Series brushes are made using the same fine synthetic sable as are used in Princeton’s pioneering 4050 Series brushes. These synthetic sable bristles have the appearance of genuine sable hairs. The fibres maintain a perfect point with continual use and are ideal for creating crisp edges on flat shapes. The synthetic hairs also have a high colour holding capacity.

Princeton 3050 Series brushes master even the most precise of tasks, including decorative miniatures in acrylic, oil, or gouache. Fine watercolour details are rendered superbly by these miniature brushes. The wooden handles are finished in a comfortable silicone called Velvetouch™ to allow a firm grip and an extra control.

This Mini-detailer Synthetic Sable Round brush from Princeton's 3050 Series is ideal for those who wish to create long fine lines, details, dots and even signatures. A short bristle brush that tapers to a fine, precise point for accuracy and completing fine detail paintings and precise tasks.Also features a non-slip comfort control handle for maximum control.

Mini-Detailer Features

  • Precise brush for fine detail
  • Crisp edges, fine lines and excellent color holding capacity
  • Comfortable touch handle