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Plus Air-in Mt. Fuji Eraser

by Plus
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Mount Fuji is one of the most recognizable symbols of Japan today. We often see Mount Fuji represented on many new products. Recently, this has been one of our favorite stationery products in the office. As you use the eraser, Mount Fuji slowly appears!

Creating an accurate replica of Mount Fuji takes some skill, and Plus recommends people remove the eraser from its casing to make it is easier to picture the whole mountain when shaping.

However, it warns that excessive tapering might cause the point of the eraser to break, reducing a carefully rendered mountain to a broken mess. People may be tempted to try to shape a steep peak like Mount Everest, but the firm says to limit the risk of breakage it is better to attempt gentler slopes like Fuji’s.

Plus hopes the erasers will be a hit with the growing number of foreign travelers to Japan and help spread awareness of the beauty of Mount Fuji while also sharing a great Japanese product.


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