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PLATINUM Mixable Fountain Pen Ink

Original price MYR 35.00 - Original price MYR 69.00
Original price MYR 35.00
MYR 35.00
MYR 35.00 - MYR 69.00
Current price MYR 35.00
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Create your own original fountain pen ink colors using Platinum's Mixable inks! Nine stunning ink colours in 20ml bottles, beautiful on their own, but unlike most fountain pen inks these are designed to be mixed together, with the potential to create an infinite palette of colours. Blend your own bespoke colour, unique to you. Experiment to your heart's content to create brilliant hues, delicate shades, and rich deep tones. Mixable inks are water-based pigment inks specially formulated not to harden when mixed, and they do not clog nibs.

A companion Platinum Mixable Ink mixing kit is available, and includes dilution liquid, an empty bottle, and droppers for mixing inks.

Mixable ink should not be mixed with inks that are not Mixable inks. Choose from: Smoke Black, Aqua Blue, Aurora Blue, Silky Purple, Cyclamen Pink, Flame Red, Earth Brown, Sunny Yellow or Leaf Green basic colours. Buy any two to start mixing your own colours.

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