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PLATINUM Little Meteor Fountain Pen // 03 Fine

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The Little Meteor Fountain Pen is popular due to its high writing performance with a Fine nib for customers who require clear fine writing in limited spaces such as their notebooks or diary.

These pens are only available in Fine 03F nib size and it also applies “Slip & Seal Mechanism” that prevents ink from drying out in the pen, even after a year without usage. It provides smooth writing anytime. The nib with the shooting star engraving, made of a mixed metal provides a point excellent in abrasion resistance. By replacing the ink cartridge, users can enjoy the pen for a long time.  It comes with a free ink cartridge (converter sold separately).

The Platinum Little Meteor come packaged in a clear test tube and features a faceted octagonal body so the pen won’t roll away; you can pick it up exactly where you left off.

Nib size: Fine
Size: 136mm(Full length) x 14mm(Max. diameter)


 It has normally been thought difficult to make an airtight pen with a screw-type cap. If not sealed tightly, the following problems can result: 

1. Ink drying out due to moisture evaporation.  
2. Problems with dried ink if the pen is not used for three to six months.  
3. It can be necessary to clean the pen using a pen flush or even to repair or replace the nib itself if the damage due to dried ink is too severe.  

At the request of customers, we at Platinum Pen Company have gone back to the basics to deal with this problem. This is the first fountain pen which has our unique “Slip & Seal” structure in a pen with a screw-type cap. Thanks to this innovation, currently being patented, it is possible to have a screw-type cap with complete airtightness.

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