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Platinum Carbon Black “Chou Kuro" (Blackest Black) Pigment Ink // 60ml

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“Chou Kuro” ink was developed with the goal of achieving the ultimate blackness for fountain pen ink. The ink’s pigment particles react and gather with the mineral components in the paper, resulting in remarkably condensed blackness. The ink also boasts exceptional water and light resistance, resulting in the unparalleled “Blackest Black” ink.

As with any pigment ink you should little extra care with it. Never allow the ink to dry out and consider cleaning more often than you might normally to prevent any clogging. Take extra caution if using your favourite or any valuable pens.

  • Water resistant
  • Fade resistant
  • Feather resistant

Manufacturer's Note: Careful maintenance is required to ensure that “Chou Kuro” ink stays intensely black. PLEASE USE DISTILLED WATER, DO NOT USE TAP WATER WHEN CLEANING "CHOU-KURO" INK. This ink stands out because the pigment particles react with and adhere to the mineral components in the paper. Tap water typically contains minerals, and if a fountain pen is cleaned using tap water, the ink particles inside the pen nib that were not washed away may adhere to the minerals and potentially affect ink flow.

Size: 60ml

Data sheet from Platinum Japan