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Pilot G-Tec C 0.4mm (Super-Fine) Pen

by Pilot
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The Pilot G-Tec C is one of the finest gel ink ball point pen, making it ideal for the purpose of fine art drawing, chinese characters and for users with small handwriting to write cleanly and precisely. This is made possible due to 2 technologies: the bio-polymer gel ink and the super fine Hi-Tecpoint.

designed for razor-sharp precision, it features a consistent, feather-free writing experience and a textured plastic grip for improved control. Its water-resistant ink protects important notes while also allowing artists to create interesting shading effects with a brush.

Tip: There is 3 dimples on the fine stainless steel pipe with a ball mounted in between. The dimples will support the ball and reduce the friction with the surface during writing. Thus, it can write out with fine width stroke. The Hi-Tec-C is available in 0.25mm (hyper-fine)/ 0.3mm (micro-fine)/ 0.4mm (ultra-fine)/ 0.5 mm (extra fine).