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OHTO 2.0mm Lead Sharpener

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Perfect for use with the OHTO Sharp 2.0mm Pencils

2.0mm Brass Lead Sharpener

Beautiful compact brass sharpener by OHTO designed to use with 2.0mm mechanical pencil lead. Perfect way to keep your thick pencil lead sharp. This beautiful brass product, like all brass, may gain a natural patina over time.

Simply insert the lead between the sharpener's teeth and rotate for a sharp point. This lead pointer has a screw-on cap that allows you to toss it back in your backpack without spilling any of the shavings.

Size: 66 x 10mm

2.0mm Plastic Lead Sharpener
This portable sharpener can be held in your thumb and forefinger and sharpens 2mm leads to a point. Its super-compact design lets it fit perfectly in a pen case or pocket for sketching and writing on the go.

Size: 29 x 12mm

Made in Japan

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