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Nove Production - a.round Rubber Stamp Collection

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{ a.round } -  going out of our comfort zone, we created this unique and functional collection consisting of 2 sets of rubber stamps. There are 2 stamps in each set, one in a special doughnut shape and another a round shape which can fit perfectly into the middle of the doughnut stamp! 

FOUR SEASONS - perfect to be used to record important days of your life, bits and pieces that truly matters. (DATE)

CARPE DIEM - enjoy the present and worry less about the future { seize the day }. Recording every special moment you want to remember. (TIME)

The round designs are eye catching and can be layered together. Use them effortlessly to create beautiful journal spreads. 

Rubber Stamp Size

Wood Thickness 2cm

  • Outer Circle - 5.5cm diameter (doughnut shape)
  • Inner Circle - 2cm diameter (round shape)

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