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Beginner Calligraphy and Drawing Nib Set

by Nikko
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This is combo set of 2 nibs: Nikko G and Brause 361 Steno (1 nib each) which are highly recommended for those starting out with calligraphy. The nibs will be packed in a storage tube.

Nikko is a Japanese brand popular with calligraphers and illustrators around the world, because of the quality and versatility of products for calligraphy and drawing. The flagship of Nikko is chrome-plated, handcut and very smooth G nib. The original purpose of G nib is Japanese comic drawing (manga), but because of the versatility it has already settled on the field of calligraphy, gaining a mass of supporters worldwide. The biggest advantage of Nikko G is user-friendliness - we recommend it for beginner calligraphers. Due to the size and shape it can be easily put in pen holder. Nikko G can draw thin lines. It's flexible so we can get a sharp contrast between thick and thin lines. It doesn't scratch paper.

Brause 361 Steno is also known as Blue Pumpkin because of its shape and color. It is one of the most popular pen nibs and also frequently recommended by calligraphers. Thanks to unique design it can accommodate a lot of ink. Smooth and precise. It is also flexible, but not as much as Brause Rose or Brause 66EF. Ideal for larger letters and watercolor calligraphy.

Recommended for beginners but also for advanced.