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[NEW] MIDORI Quick Tape Cutter

by Midori
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A masking tape dispenser that can quickly feed the tape and cut the cut end cleanly with a light force.

A special dispenser for masking tape that can cleanly cut masking tape with the same length. It is a convenient item that solves the problem of finding the cut end of the tape, which is often troublesome when using masking tape, and the fact that the cut end becomes dirty when cut by hand. It can be used for various purposes as well as for wrapping fasteners.

○ As a masking tape cutter shared in the office. (Put presentation sheets and materials on the wall)
○ As a labeling for organizing the kitchen refrigerator. (Both professional chefs and general housewives)
○ For DIY, hobbies and masking for painting.
○ For sealing paper bags in general stores.

Each time you pull the slider, the masking tape is sent out by about 2 cm, so you can easily cut continuously with a uniform length. There is a cutter blade on the upper side of the tape outlet, and you can cut the tape cleanly with a light force by pulling the tape upward.

It is also possible to pull the tape and pull it out to any length. You can easily cut the tape by standing and twisting the main body.

With a built-in magnet, it can be fastened to refrigerators, metal doors, shelves, desk legs, etc., so there is no need to worry about storage space.


Material Body / Polycarbonate + POM + Silicon [Built-in magnet]
size Body / H102 × W58 ×
D25mm Package / H158 × W95 × D26mm
please note ○ Be careful with the cutter blade.
○ Please keep out of reach of children under 6 years old.
Before use ○ Only for masking tape width 12 ~ 15mm. Masking tape with an inner diameter of less than 25 mm and an outer diameter of more than 54 mm cannot be used.
○ With strong adhesive masking tape, wrinkles may occur when the tape is sent out.
○ The tape may wrinkle or twist when it is sent out for the first time. You can use it normally by repeating sending and cutting the tape 2-3 times.
○ The length of the tape that comes out is set to about 2 cm, but an error may occur due to the influence of the adhesive force of the tape and the misalignment of the gears.
○ Do not use if it is broken or deformed.
○ Please keep away from direct sunlight.