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[NEW] MIDORI MD Notebook Cotton

by Midori
Original price MYR 68.40 - Original price MYR 74.10
Original price
MYR 68.40
MYR 68.40 - MYR 74.10
Current price MYR 68.40
There’s just something about the sound of a pen nib scratching on paper and the warmth from your hand.
MD PAPER Cotton features paper with the smooth, soft texture and elegant feel achieved by its formula containing 20% cotton pulp, MD Notebook Cotton has been re-released in two sizes.

Choose between an A5 or A5 Square notebook.

A5 is an easy-to-carry size that opens out into an A4 spread, providing plenty of space for your ideas and art.

The compact A5 Square notebook is the size of a photobook. Open it up and the long, narrow space will stimulate your imagination. Whether you’re writing, illustrating or making mind maps, this unconventional format lets your ideas run free.

Attractive soft texture and white color that makes the colors stand out
The paper has a soft texture that wraps around the pen tip, so it goes well with medium to bold fountain pens, and the gentle white color of the paper brings out the color of the ink. Please enjoy drawing more and more.

Attention to Design
We want you to feel the comfort of writing and the charm of the materials, so MD Notes does not have a cover.
The notebook opens with excellent ease, without the problems of opening the notebook with a cover or wobbling.

Attention to detail in bookbinding
The notebook opens fully 180 degrees for a stress-free writing experience.
We use ``thread binding'' which is easy to open and has a durable finish.

MD notebooks are wrapped in glassine paper that resembles old paperback books. It also plays a role in preventing dirt.
You can use it as is, or you can remove it and use it in its pure form. Please use your favorite style.

It comes with an index sticker that matches the solid cover, which is simply secured with cheesecloth.

Print frequently used IDEA and DIARY. The rest are blank stickers that you can fill in and use yourself.

MD paper cotton, 176 pages, bound/thread binding, with index sticker (label/booklet type)

A5 Square- H146×W146×D10mm
A5- H210×W148×D10mm

The PVC Notebook cover, Paper Cover, Paper Hardcover, and Goat Leather Cover, which are sold separately in store, keeps your MD Notebook clean without compromising the appearance.


MD Paper was born in 1960 as an original writing paper made in Japan, which offered a comfortable writing experience through its ink resistance and anti-transparency. 

Only paper that passes our quality standard is used for diaries, notebooks and schedule books as MD Paper. Enjoy the comfortable writing feel of MD Paper. 

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