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Mini Stove for Wax Seal Spoon (Black)

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This is a tool for making sealing wax seals that much easier. It is mainly used to rest your spoon while making heating up the wax for wax seal stamps. Spoons, wax sticks and beads are also available for sale in store separately. 

Light up a tea candle (sold separately) and put your wax into the spoon and let it sit on the stove while you enjoy the melting process, you can use a toothpick to stir the wax to ensure the wax is evenly melted.

Outer Diameter: 7.7cm
Inner Diameter: 5cm
Bottom Diameter: 2.7cm
Height: 4cm

Material: Gold Coated Alloy & Wood

Note: The inner edges and surfaces of the of the stove are not filed down, leaving it with the original texture of a rough wooden surface. There might be some slight scratches as well that does not affect the functionality of the stove and would not be deemed as a quality issue, kindly take note prior to adding it to cart.