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MIDORI Transparent Greeting Card // Birthday Flower

by Midori
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A transparent greeting card that is perfect as a gift
Set of lined message card and foil-stamped clear card. You can of course attach the transparent card to the gift, or you can send it with the included message card if you want to write a message. The message card has a simple decorative outline and is easy to use.

The transparent card has a gorgeous design with bright colors and gold foil stamping that shines when it is seen through.
The birthday floral pattern design has colorful flowers drawn in a wreath shape to brighten up your birthday.

Content Transparent card / 1 piece
Message card / 1 piece
Envelope / 1 piece
Size Package/H165×W116×D1mm
Transparent card/H148×W100mm
Message card/H148×W100mm
Suitable for writing (message card) Fountain pen △ Water-based pen ○ Writing brush/brush pen ○ Inkjet ×
Country of origin Made in Japan