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MIDORI Transparent Greeting Card // Birthday Cake

by Midori
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A transparent greeting card that is perfect as a gift
Set of lined message card and foil-stamped clear card. You can of course attach the transparent card to the gift, or you can send it with the included message card if you want to write a message. The message card has a simple decorative outline and is easy to use.

The transparent card has a gorgeous design with bright colors and gold foil stamping that shines when it is seen through.

The birthday cake design with vivid fruits is drawn with gentle watercolor.

Content Transparent card / 1 piece
Message card / 1 piece
Envelope / 1 piece
Size Package/H165×W116×D1mm
Transparent card/H148×W100mm
Message card/H148×W100mm
Suitable for writing (message card) Fountain pen △ Water-based pen ○ Writing brush/brush pen ○ Inkjet ×
Country of origin Made in Japan