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Midori Sticker and Letter Set // Stationery

by Midori
Original price MYR 25.10 - Original price MYR 25.10
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MYR 25.10
MYR 25.10 - MYR 25.10
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A letter set that you can enjoy by decorating the envelopes with stickers

A letter set with plenty of antique-style illustration collage stickers that you can enjoy collage freely . You can send a unique, one of a kind letter by collaging the stickers on the envelope.

9 pieces of letter paper, 3 envelopes, and 1 sheet of collage stickers are included.
It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as writing a letter with a souvenir, or as a card for celebration.

Stationery pattern collage sticker
The stationery pattern is designed with a hand holding a pen, scissors, fountain pens, and other stationery motifs, giving it an antique feel.
The seal is stamped with gold foil, giving it an elegant impression.

Modestly designed stationery and envelopes
The envelopes have a modest pattern of trees for easy collage. 

Letter Paper: H140×W100mm
Envelope: H150×W110mm