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MIDORI Magnet Penholder (3 Colors)

by Midori
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It is a pen holder that can be easily attached and detached with a magnet that can be used quickly when you want to use it . Since it is a magnet type, there is no need to insert and remove the pen, and you can quickly use it with the pen holder attached when you want to use it.

Can be attached to various places ◎
With the attached magnetic sticker, you can attach the holder to any place you like. Not only can it be clipped to a notebook or clipboard, but it is also recommended to use it in places where writing instruments are needed, such as entrances and refrigerators. You can also use it as a holder other than a pen because it can be inserted.


Attach the included magnet sticker to the area you want to use, such as the cover of your notebook. The magnet part uses a strong magnet that feels comfortable when it clicks.

material Pen holder / stainless steel + neodymium magnet
magnet seal / PVC + neodymium magnet
size Package/H100×W78×D19mm
Pen holder/Inner diameter 7mm
Before using ● The magnet seal is strongly adhesive. Forcibly removing it may damage the pasted object or leave adhesive on the surface.
●It may not adhere to non-smooth surfaces or specially processed materials that contain moisture or oil.
●Avoid using or storing the product in a hot and humid place.
●The spring that inserts the pen expands and contracts, but if you pull it forcibly, it may stretch and not return.
●Keep it away from mobile phones, magnetic cards, medical equipment, precision machinery, etc., as it has a magnet.
Country of origin Made in Japan