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Midori Compact Scissors XS | Dark Red

by Midori
Original price MYR 38.80 - Original price MYR 38.80
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MYR 38.80
MYR 38.80 - MYR 38.80
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Since it can slide and store the blade, even when carrying it in the pocket,
the size when storing the safe blade is vertical 7.6 cm × side 1.9 cm! It is not bulky to put in a pen case or pocket. Blade is hard to paste, it is a small scissor stuck to sharpness.

With the lock function to prevent the blade from coming out one-touch without taking out the blade. By sliding up while pressing the slider button, the blade comes out. When the button is not pressed, the blade will not move. 

We devised the design of the blade which can firmly cut the thick paper and realized the sharpness that it can cut firmly the thick paper firmly.

Small but fit to hand The handle part has a slip prevention, and it fits perfectly with the movement of fine hands.

Scissors convenient for unpacking, unpacking with a hook hole attached with a strap . If you put a string through the hook hole and attach it to the strap, you will be able to use it anytime.

Material Body / polycarbonate + POM
blades / stainless steel
Body size When stored: H 76 × W 19 × D 16 mm When using: H 108 × W
72.5 × D 16 mm
please note ○ This product is a cutlery. Please handle with care so that the blade does not touch the human body.
○ Never disassemble. In the unlikely event that the blade portion is exposed, please do not use it.
○ Do not use the blade long. The blade may break and it is dangerous.
○ Please do not give to children under 6 years old absolutely. There is a danger of leading to injury due to cutting edge and misuse of small parts.
○ After use, be sure to store the blade in the body, please keep out of reach of children under 6 years old.
○ Do not use when it is broken or deformed.
Getting Started ○ If you cut a hard object such as metal, plastic, cardboard, etc., the blade and handle may be chipped or it may break down.
○ There is a fear of rusting if you leave it wet.
Remarks · Received the Good Design Award for 2012