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MIDORI Clip Ruler // Silver

by Midori
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Thin ruler with template that can be clipped to notebooks.


"Clip ruler" that supports notebooks with three functions: bookmarker, ruler, and template. As it is very thin at 0.3mm, it does not get in the way when turning pages or writing.

It can be used as an index by sandwiching it between pages, and can also be used as a ruler when needed, and can measure up to 10 cm in length.

Made of slim and durable stainless steel. The stylish design makes the most of the texture of metal, so it can be used by both men and women.

30 types of templates that can be conveniently used for various purposes such as scheduling and note-taking. It can be used as an icon to write on an appointment, or as a key for a bullet journal. You can draw a fixed shape at any time.

● Basic figures that can be used for many purposes such as squares, circles, triangles, stars, hearts, and arrows 

● Icons such as airplanes, bags, cups, forks and knives that are easy to use for scheduling and life logs. Icons that can be used privately, mainly for business, such as emails

 Icons for sunny, rainy, cloudy, and snowy weather

● Guide slits that allow you to draw beautiful wavy lines and straight lines at regular intervals * Use this ruler template with a ballpoint pen or with a 0.5mm pencil or thinner.

size Package / H203 × W65 × D2mm
Body / H140.5 × W34 × D1.5mm
Material Made of stainless steel