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MD Dip Pen

by Midori
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The colors are a pleasure in themselves.

The color of the ink is part of the pleasure of writing. And so we developed a dip pen that perfectly complements MD PAPER PRODUCTS™. The simple, fresh-looking body of the pen is made from an environmentally friendly material consisting mainly of paper powder, recreating the texture of a new page in pen form.

Best of all, you can change the ink color at any time.

With no cartridge, all you need to do is grab the ink you want.

With the same nib as the MD Fountain Pen, this pen is designed to make handwriting comfortable.

The ink slides smoothly onto the page from any angle.

The body has the familiar shape of a pencil so that it sits comfortably in your hand and won’t roll off your desk

It can be used for a wide range of purposes such as idea sketches, diaries, letters and cards.

Comfortable writing nib
The curve of the nib glides the ink smoothly onto the paper. The thickness of the nib is medium (M) with just the right amount of thickness, neither too delicate nor too strong.

If too much ink is applied, wipe gently with the edge of the bottle. When changing colors, wash the nib well with water and wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth or tissue paper.

*The nib is specifically designed for this product.

We do not recommend removing the nib or attaching products from other manufacturers as forcibly removing the nib from the shaft may result in damage.

Size: H134 x Diameter 10mm

Weight: Approx. 42g


Shaft: MAPKA Synthetic Resin (51% Paper)

Nib: Steel (M)

Made in Slovenia 


MD Paper was born in 1960 as an original writing paper made in Japan, which offered a comfortable writing experience through its ink resistance and anti-transparency. 

Only paper that passes our quality standard is used for diaries, notebooks and schedule books as MD Paper. Enjoy the comfortable writing feel of MD Paper.