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[CLEARANCE] Maple Comics! Book Series

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Shakespeare Demystified: Macbeth is the first title under Maple@School. Adapted from a script by KL Shakespeare Players, the book features exposition to better help readers understand the Bard's dreary tale of murder, betrayal and rebellion.


DRIVING MALAYSIAL A special collaboration with Grab featuring an anthology of nine tales in transit.

These true stories are from the people who drive Malaysia forward - GrabCar and taxi drivers. Adapted into comic form by a host of Malaysia's best artistsyou will find mirth, hope and spirit - perhaps a tinge of nostalgia.


BEIJING IN 5 DAYS: My family and I made this trip in April 2010. My memory, excellent and usually dependable as it is. Is also most time, a haze inaccurate, sentimental thing. Please treat this travelogue-comic as such, a recollection of a trip made more than 6 years ago. 


JEJON DI JEPUN: Selama 29 tahun hidup, Jejon tidak pernah buat sesuatu yang mencabar di dalam hidupnya. Dia dah terbiasa dengan kehidupan dan aktiviti biasanya di Malaysia. Apa akan terjadi apabila dia di tawarkan belajar ke luar negara dan akan meninggalkan Malaysia? Sama-sama kita ikuti kisah huru-haranya dan cara-cara dia meneruskan kehidupan barunya di Kyoto, Jepun!



Adapted from the hit movie of the same name, The Kid from the Big Apple tells of Shifu Lin Chugen reconnecting with his estranged daughter and granddaughter when his daughter ShuXian drops her own offspring Sarah for him to take care of while she goes on a work assignment.

Sarah was raised in New York, and exhibits all the sensibilities of a girl from the Big Apple. Shifu Lin must teach her the ways of living in small-town Malaysia while also learning from his granddaughter about the changing times and making amends with the past.

A heartwarming critically-acclaimed tale that has charmed many both on the silver screen and in the pages of books and comics.


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