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Magic Ink Majestar Slim Permanent Twin Tip Marker Pen (for Wood/Plastic/Glass)

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Smudge-proof and water- and detergent-resistant twin-tipped oil-based ink marker specially designed for writing names on various materials including plastic. This marker pen is designed for writing on a wide range of materials from small stationery items to materials with a large surface area, such as leather, wood, cloth, plastic, metallic surfaces, rubber, glass, and so on. 

Designed especially for labeling your personal belongings, the oil-based pigment ink remains sharp and retains its dark black color on fabrics even after laundering. Because the ink is alcohol-based, it also dries quickly and is water-resistant. 

  • Permanent, black marker
  • Two tips; fine and broad
  • Long lasting marker gives a very black, solid line
  • Oil-based ink is smear-proof and can be colored overtop
  • Tips stay fresh and firm - no "mushing down" of tips

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