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[Limited] Pilot Frixion Grayscale Collection

by Pilot
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Indulge in effortless writing and editing with the limited edition Pilot Frixion Grayscale. This sleek and sophisticated lineup features a pen, multi-pen, eraser, and highlighter, all in a stylish grayscale color. With the unique frixion technology, you can easily write and erase, making it the perfect tool for elegant and precise note-taking. Elevate your writing experience today.

Pilot Frixion Eraser

The Frixion Eraser is an eraser specifically designed for the Frixion series of erasable writing instruments. Rubbing generates frictional heat, which can erase characters written with friction ink. The oval cross-sectional shape fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to use both small and large areas. Therefore, like the traditional relationship between a pencil and an eraser, it is also suitable for learning by children and students.

Pilot Frixion 0.5 Ball Knock Zone Pen (+Free Refills)
    `Friction Ball Knock Zone' is a next-generation erasable ballpoint pen that allows you to write ``darker and longer'' in response to user requests for darker handwriting and increased ink capacity. 

    Each pen comes with a free pack of 2 black refills. The new 'Ver.2 Zone' ink refills boast a 30% increase of ink density and 70 % ink capacity.

    • Special gel ink allows to erase your writing by frixion with pen tail
    • Erase and rewrite any number of times without damage on papers
    • Ballpoint Size : 0.5 mm
    • Refillable ink are available (can be purchased separately)
    • Not recommended for use on legal or official documents

    Pilot Frixion 0.38 Ball 3 Slim Multi Pen
    "Frixion Ball 3 Slim" is a highly convenient three-color ballpoint pen that allows you to use three different colors in one and write and erase as many times as you like. There are three basic ink colors: black, red, and blue. Suitable for writing in detailed areas such as notebooks and documents. The clip also uses our original lift clip. It can firmly hold even thick objects, and will not break even after being pinched 100,000 times (according to Pilot's test data).

    Pilot Frixion Light Highlighter
    Frixion Light is a highlighter from the Frixion series that uses frictional heat to erase handwriting. 

    Note:  the ink in Frixion pens and highlighters are thermo sensitive, it is not advisable for it to be left in hot cars, used for mailing, or subjected to a condition that exposes it to a lot of friction.