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Lihit Lab PuniLabo Stand Pen/Pencil Case (L)

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PuniLabo is a hit stationery brand from Japan known for its line of adorable, animal-inspired products that are designed for adults but delight children as well! All products are designed with easy-to-clean silicone and high quality craftsmanship.

It's a tubular zip-top case made almost entirely of easy-to-clean silicone and high quality craftsmanship; pleasant to the touch and easy to clean with water!

PuniLabo Stand Up Pen Cases are the perfect companions for any stationery lover. You can easily carry your favorite pet with you wherever you go. It's soft and pliable, but keeps its cylindrical shape and the base is reinforced - designed to pop up when you press it down on a desk, lifting the pens and making them easy to pick through.  The case can also be used as a desktop pen holder. 

Pen capacity: The total number of pens/pencils you can store in this pen case will depend on their size. We found that we could comfortably fit around 10-13 pens of average size, with a max pen height under 7" tall.

* Water repellent finish is only for the outer fabric. It is not completely waterproof.
* Water repellent finish is not permanent.