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Kyo-no-oto Fountain Pen Ink / Yurushiiro

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"Kyo no Oto" is a series of writing inks that reproduce traditional Japanese colors that have been used since the Heian period with modern techniques and interpretations. Each color features a unique name and story.

Pale crimson. In the past, the darker the color, the more expensive it was, and it was considered a "forbidden color" that was only allowed to be used by members of the royal family and people of high social status.

Water-based fine pigment ink
Capacity: 40ml

Application: Dip pen, writing brush, fountain pen

This is a dye ink developed independently by TAG STATIONERY and Kyoto Kusaki Dye Laboratory, which consists of dyeing and weaving experts.

It is a characteristic ink that makes use of the gradation of light and shade using the bleeding characteristic of dyes.

Due to the sedimentary nature of this product we do not recommend you leave in your fountain pen for prolonged periods of non-use and do not recommend for use in vintage fountain pens with fine feed systems.

Available in 5ml Sample size.

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