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KOKUYO x Noritake Good Time Refillable 4 Ring Binder Notebook (A5/B5 Size)

by Kokuyo
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Original price MYR 17.90
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KOKUYO x Noritake Limited Loose Leaf Notebook "Good Time" in A5 and B5 sizes, a stationery essential that offers a versatile and customizable writing experience.

This loose-leaf notebook allows you to add, remove, and rearrange pages according to your needs. It provides the flexibility to organize your notes, sketches, or any other content in a way that suits your preference. The A5 and B5 sizes offer options to accommodate different writing styles and preferences.

The notebook features a sleek and minimalist design, allowing your creativity to take centre stage. The clean and uncluttered pages provide a blank canvas for your ideas, ensuring an enjoyable and distraction-free writing experience.

Crafted with quality in mind, this notebook is made to last. The durable materials and construction ensure that your pages stay secure and protected, preventing them from tearing or getting damaged easily. It is designed for long-term use, allowing you to document your thoughts and experiences without worry.

Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply someone who enjoys keeping a journal, the KOKUYO x Noritake Limited Loose Leaf Notebook "Good Time" is a reliable companion. It provides endless possibilities for creative expression, note-taking, or planning, making it a perfect choice for individuals who value versatility and quality in their stationery.


Size: A5 (225 x 181mm) / B5 (272 x 215mm)

Colour: Blue/Green/Red


Contains 20 sheets of Dot line paper

Max. capacity is 45 sheets