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Kokuyo Hasa Glueless Scissors / Blue

by Kokuyo
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MYR 25.90
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The Kokuyo Hasa Scissors let you cut anything effortlessly, from regular printed paper to plastic bags to cardboard boxes. The "hybrid arch" blades ensure that cutting through your materials is a breeze all the way from the base to the tips of the blades. To achieve this, the angle between the blades gets bigger as you approach the tips, which makes it easier to slice through whatever you're cutting. 

The "3D Glueless Structure" blades are especially good for cutting adhesive tapes, as they resist sticky residue in two ways: small ridges on the inside of both blades reduce the amount of sticky material that touches the blades, and a special "glueless" treatment makes it harder for sticky material to adhere to the blades.

These scissors are designed with wide air-cushioned handles, reducing the strain on your fingers by approximately 40% compared to conventional scissors. In addition, two rings are placed at the blades' rotation point—a metal ring and plastic ring. This makes blade movement light and smooth, again ensuring comfortable cutting. These scissors are good for both right-handed and left-handed people.

Comes with a safety cap covers the blades when not in use.