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Kokuyo FIT SAXA Junior/ Student Safety Scissors

by Kokuyo
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The beloved SAXA scissors now come in a junior size! These cute scissors not only have the functionality of the special AiroFit blade, they are also designed to fit the smaller hands of youth better. The handles are intuitively shaped unevenly with the large one able to take the middle finger, ring finger, and little finger, while the small one to take the thumb.

Lightweight KOKUYO SAXA scissors can cut almost anything, from regular printer paper to plastic bags and cardboard boxes. This ability comes from "hybrid arch" blades, which are curved so that the angle between them gets bigger as you approach their tips. This increased angle lets you cut just as easily at the tips of the blades as at the base, without having to exert extra strength.

Colour: Blue/ Pink
Size: (Full Length) 131mm (Blade) 50mm