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by Sakura
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Paint on Location with the Handy Watercolor Kit & Water Brush!

Capturing the moment just got easier with Koi Water Color Field Sketch Kits! This portable watercolor set is perfect to bring along whether you're going to the countryside, relaxing at the beach, or walking urban landscapes. The watercolor kit is lightweight and affordable, and features:

Available in 12, 18, 24, 30 and 48 half pan sets, formulated to blend easily and create an endless range of colors. Each sets come with a refillable water brush to transport and store water while on the road. 

The 12-color ‘pocket’ size travel watercolor kit contains:

  • A small 4mL size water reservoir barrel handle
  • A detachable medium brush tip
  • A dabbing sponge
  • A divided snap lid cover serves as a palette
  • A small, sleek design that fits into shirt or jacket pockets, perfect set for painting on-the-go
  • Weighs: 3.8 ounces Size Dimensions: 4.5” x 3.5” x 0.875”

The 18-color, 24-color, 30-color, 48-color watercolor kit contains:

  • A refillable, round medium tip water brush with a large 9mL size water reservoir barrel to transport and store water while on the road
  • A detachable medium brush tip and 2 dabbing sponges
  • Snap lid acts as an easel for postcard size paper
  • The detachable, pegged palette secures to the kit base either to the right, left, or center sides
  • A base pull-down ring allows easy gripping of the kit

*The 24 Colours + Iridescent Medium Kit includes a 5ml Iridescent medium tube that can be mixed with watercolor or applied over dried paint to add a pearlescent shimmer to your painting. Apply over darker color for more effect.

2 ways to use the Iridescent Medium:-
(A) Mix the iridescent paste with watercolor paint on the palette
1.Squeeze the iridescent medium onto the mixing palette
2. Mix the medium with your watercolor paint
3. Apply the mixed paint on your painting

(B) Apply the Iridescent medium onto dried paint surface
1. Paint your watercolor artwork
2. After the paint is dried, apply iridescent medium over it. The shimmer effect will appear on your artwork. 
3. You could mix the iridescent medium with water to get less or more shimmer effect.