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Karappo-Pen Fine Brush Empty Pen (Set of 5)

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An empty brush pen Kuretake Karappo-pen with a fine flexible tip is a great tool for calligraphy and drawing. We can fill it with any ink in the color of our choice. Kuretake also encourages you to mix shades and create your own. The transparent body and the attached sticker will make you immediately know what color you put in the pen. Filling the Karappo-pen with ink is very easy. Prepare tissue or paper towel. Insert the tip of the ink reservoir into the ink bottle and wait for the reservoir to absorb the ink (up to 80 percent of reservoir capacity). Then clean the reservoir with a tissue and place it into the pen body, finally secure the pen with the plug. 

This pen features a fine felt brush tip and comes in a pack of 5 pens.

Items to prepare

  • Fountain pen ink (water-based dye) 
  • Small container for ink (paper cup, etc.)
  • Tissue or paper towel

How to use

  • Using the dropper provided, take a small amount (2ml - 2.5ml) of bottled fountain pen ink (dye base ink) and place it into a small container/cup.
  • Dip one end of the blank core in the container/cup of ink. You will see the ink rising up the core as it is absorbed. When the core is about 80% full, pull it out and wipe off any ink from the outside. 
  • Insert the colored core into the pen body (the ink soaked side toward the pen tip side), then insert the included stopper behind it. Press down on the stopper (against a flat surface) until it snaps securely into place.

Important Notes:

  • Ink is not included.
  • These pens can be filled with bottled fountain pen ink/dye based inks
  • If too much ink is absorbed by the core, it may cause ink leakage
  • Please allow the ink to absorb into the core only from one side
  • Once the stopper is in place, it cannot be removed.