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Iromekuri Swatch Planner Sticker // Smokey

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MYR 29.90
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A sticker set made to look like a fan of paint chips, this set includes color coordinated, translucent stickers perfect for highlighting important details, using as sticky notes and color coding pages and info.

The stickers work with a variety of writing instruments including pencils, ballpoints and permanent markers.

They can also be cut into smaller pieces or used as decorative elements. 

Each color chip is a sticker, 32 colors in total, 96 pieces included. It is transparent, you can layer it up and have more fun!

The Smoky set has a unifying, muted colour theme so all of the colours compliment each other. You can use the stickers on their own or you can experiment with layering them to create blended colours.

    32 colors x 3 sheets
    Booklet size 45×160×9mm
    Made In China