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Holbein Watercolor Tube Self Inking Stamp

by Holbein
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A self inking stamp to document your watercolor collection, pigmented waterproof ink which enables you to watercolor over it after stamping!


  • By coloring the tip of the tube pattern with paint, you can create a color sample with a composition that looks like the paint is taken out of the tube.
  • When the ink dries, it becomes water resistant, so it is possible to color stamps with tube patterns.
  • There is a letter "W" on the label, so you can tell at a glance which paint you have applied by entering the color number (Ref.No.) Next to it.
  • Self inking stamp that can be stamped 1000 times or more. (The number of times varies depending on the paper used.)
  • As it dries quickly, it can be applied in a few minutes. 

Size 40 x 40 x 25 mm

Please note that due to trade agreements, we are unable to ship this product to the US and Canada.