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Holbein Masking Fluid Pen (Pink Tint)

by Holbein
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Use these removable fluids to make specific areas water resistant. They will retain areas of white paper or areas of underpainting, then easily rub off with a finger or eraser. The handy dispensing bottle allows for fine detail work. Dry the surface thoroughly after applying and before painting with watercolours. Do not leave masking fluid longer than two days on the paper. It is also recommended for airbrush work. 

Apply, let dry well, can be removed by rubbing with eraser or peeling. 8mm tip. Dries with pink tint to see it easily.

25ml in size // 8mm tip

Please use paper with strong surface strength such as Waterford watercolor paper, Arches watercolor paper, Strathmore watercolor paper. If you are using paper other than these, the paper may tear, so please use the masking ink after you tried it out on a smaller surface before use. Close the cap tightly as soon as possible after use.

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