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Holbein Masking Fluid // 55ml

by Holbein
Original price MYR 36.90 - Original price MYR 36.90
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MYR 36.90
MYR 36.90 - MYR 36.90
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Mask and highlight small to large areas of your artwork with Holbein Watercolor Masking Fluid. 

You can also use this liquid for white highlights for overpainting at a later time. Thin viscosity for application with a pen or brush, and light blue tint makes it easy to see on the page.

Usage: Apply with brush or pen, dry well and removed by rubbing with an eraser or others.

 Please use paper with strong surface strength such as Waterford watercolor paper, Arches watercolor paper, Strathmore watercolor paper. If you are using paper other than these, the paper may tear, so please use the masking ink after you tried it out on a smaller surface before use.

Please note that due to trade agreements, we are unable to ship this product to the US and Canada.