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Holbein Artist's Watercolors in 5ml Tube (60)

by Holbein
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MYR 692.00
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Holbein Artists' Quality Watercolors offer a wide range of moist, transparent watercolor with incomparable purity, brilliance, and permanence. Holbein manufactures their watercolors without Ox Gall or other dispersing agents so they move slowly for better brush control. Make your own pan watercolors with Holbein Watercolors. The creamy consistency means they will not crack or crumble when dry, and they rewet easily.

This is a listing for 60 colors, 5ml per tube.

This Set Contents:

Item # Color Name
W009 Permanent Alizarin Crimson W046 Greenish Yellow W101 Peacock Blue
W011 Carmine W077 Leaf Green W104 Horizon Blue
W013 Opera W061 Viridian Hue W170 Bright Rose
W015 Cadmium Red Deep W063 Cobalt Green W114 Permanent Magenta
W017 Cadmium Red Purple W064 Emerald Green Nova W118 Rose Violet
W019 Vermilion Hue W066 Permanent Green No.1 W112 Mineral Violet
W022 Scarlet Lake W067 Permanent Green No.2 W115 Permanent Violet
W024 Cherry Red W072 Compose Green No.2 W134 Burnt Sienna
W025 Brilliant Pink W074 Olive Green W131 Raw Umber
W026 Shell Pink W062 Hooker's Green W133 Burnt Umber
W032 Jaune Brillant No.2 W075 Sap Green W136 Sepia
W030 Naples Yellow W065 Terre Verte W151 Yellow Grey
W033 Lemon Yellow W079 Shadow Green W153 Grey of Grey
W036 Permanent Yellow Light W092 Cerulean Blue W155 Davy's Grey
W037 Permanent Yellow Deep W091 Cobalt Blue Hue W156 Payne's Grey
W038 Permanent Yellow Orange W094 Ultramarine Deep W138 Ivory Black
W047 Brilliant Orange W097 Prussian Blue W002 Chinese White
W048 Gamboge Nova W098 Indigo W003 Titanium White
W039 Yellow Ochre W102 Marine Blue W190 Gold
W034 Yellow Grey W095 Verditer Blue W191 Silver
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