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Holbein Artist's IRODORI Gouache in 15ml Tube (12)

by Holbein
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Aya "Irodori" is now available as a traditional Japanese color series for opaque watercolors (gouache). The rich color beauty of spring, summer, autumn and winter creates delicate expressions.

Traditional Japanese colors that have been passed down since ancient times. Traditional Japanese colors that have found beauty in the changing seasons. Delicate color tones that have walked with history, color names born from nature. There is a total of 48 colors that are reminiscent of the four seasons of Japan.

[Ideal for woodblock prints] Opaque watercolor paint (gouache) that can be used for various purposes. Adding starch paste improves color spread and can be used as a print paint for woodblock prints. It is dark in color and has saturation, expanding the range of expression.

Holbein's opaque matte gouache is Japan's foremost designers' color medium. These paints deliver a brilliant, rich matte finish using naturally opaque pigments — no opaquing agents are added. This creates vibrant, exciting color that won't muddy when mixed.

Truly professional grade, this gouache does not darken, bleed, or crack. Use it in dense opaque layers to build surface body, or thin it with water to semi-transparency.

This listing is for 12 tubes, 15ml each.

SPRING: Vermilion (G804), Pale Coral (G812), Kerria Japonica Yellow (G821), Lemon (G823), Light Ochre (G827), Pale Patina (G841), Seeding (G842), Myosotis Blue (G861), Dayflower Blue (G863), Bellflower (G871), Silver Grey (G881), Antique Silver (G893)

SUMMER: Scarlet (G803), Orange Yellow (G813), Canola Yellow (G822), Taisha Brown (G831), Spring Green (G843), Evergreen (G845), Bamboo Green (G846), Ultramarine (G867), Oriental Blue (G864), Endo Violet (G873), Black (G884), White (G885)

AUTUMN: Safflower Red (G802), Orange (G811), Gardenia Yellow (G824), Amur Cork Yellow (G825), Amber (G826), Bark Brown (G835), Smoked Bamboo (G836), Leek Green (G844), Pine Tree Green (G848), Elm Green (G849), Indigo (G866), Antique Rich Gold (G892)

WINTER: Crimson (G801), Iron Oxide Red (G832), Russet Brown (G833), Dark Brown (G834), Patina (G847), Russet Green (G850), Geisha Blue (G862), Hummingbird Blue (G865), Peony (G872), Rickyu Grey (G882), Blue Black (G883), Antique Gold (G891)

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