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Hobonichi Weeks (Cover Only) // Linton: Vacances

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*This listing is for the exterior cover only, Weeks planner book will be sold separately.

Linton has established a solid position as a textile brand since the early 20th century. While a traditional company, Linton has always taken on the challenge of creating new designs.

The textile used in “Vacances” is a perfect example of this. It is pop and cute, yet they utilize a long-established company’s weaving techniques.

Each blue, white, and silver thread is woven horizontally, spreading downward, looking like sparkling waves in the summer sea. The threads of translucent red, green, blue, and yellow occasionally appear in between. The randomly placed pom-poms add a charm to the fabric.

The bright yellow color of the leather zipper pull adds an accent.

The inner cover is the same bright yellow as the zipper pull, which would cheer you up when you open your techo. The pocket on the interior is embossed with the Linton logo.

The pen hook is designed to hold a pen by its clip.

With this techo cover at your side, you may find yourself in a good mood with the thoughts of the fun plans lying ahead, even on busy or uneventful days.

About Linton

Founded in 1912 by William Linton in Carlisle, the northernmost part of England. Developed a unique textile known as fancy tweed by weaving fancy yarns into high quality wools and cottons, said to be “designed to be made into clothes.” Linton made great strides by working with notable fashion brands. Their innovative fabrics, made from high-quality worsted wool and yarn that are dyed in-house, are beloved by the world’s best fashion designers.


Size H: 204 x W: 115 x T: 25 mm / H: 8.0" x W: 4.5" x T: 1.0"
*Specifications may vary slightly
Main material Exterior: Wool, recycled cotton, viscose, nylon, polyester / Interior: Cow leather


Actual specifications may vary from listing
Each item is individually assembled and sewn by hand by a factory worker. Best efforts are made to ensure consistent sizes and specifications, but there may be slight differences.
Pattern alignment varies by product
The patterned fabric has not been aligned to a specific layout, so the placement of each design will vary by product. The product will not be an exact replica of the one in the product photographs.
Outer material frays easily
Threads on the outer material may fray if they catch on sharp objects or are tugged too strongly, so please handle with care.
Cover may contain variations in stitching or loose lining
Due to the structure of the cover that opens flat 180 degrees, exterior stitching areas may appear puckered and lining material may be loose.

The pen hook is designed to hold a pen by its clip.

This item can also be used with the Weeks Mega.

This cover is designed to hold only one side of the planner book cover. Forcing both sides of the book into the cover will place stress on the book spine and may cause ripping or hinder the zipper.

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