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Hobonichi Techo Original Cover (A6 Size) // Leather: TS Basic - Black

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We created this black leather cover with graphic designer Taku Satoh, who is in charge of the Hobonichi Techo’s design direction.

TS stands for the initials of Taku Satoh. Out of all the various Hobonichi Techo covers, this has been a staple in our lineup and has been a popular choice for over ten years.

The fine texture of the matte cow leather is soft from the first time you use it and fits comfortably in your hands. The smooth feel as you hold it in your hands is another characteristic of this leather.

The leather cover exudes an elegance with a black color that will suit any outfit. It makes it an ideal first-time leather cover and is also perfect for anyone who wants to own a standard leather cover that is simple, chic, and timeless.

The Hobonichi Techo leather covers are made with all-natural materials that have their own unique appearance. Every leather cover is a one-of-a-kind, all-natural product, so you can feel good knowing your cover is the only one like it in the world. Here are some of the unique characteristics you can expect to find.

  • Markings that naturally occur during an animal’s life
    Wrinkles, veins, texture, and scratches

  • Characteristics from the manufacturing process of natural leather
    Dark spots (occurs when components of the leather are exposed to iron in the air during the tanning and dyeing process)

A6 size
H: 165 x W: 117 x T: 20 mm
*Excluding pen holders
*Specifications may vary slightly

Material - Exterior: Cow leather / Interior: Cow leather

*Please note that cover does not come with planner book, they are available here:

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