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Hobonichi Techo Original Cover (A6 Size) // Leather: Silent Night

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This trifold cover is made of deep navy leather reminiscent of a quiet night sky.

The leather is “ALBA LUX” made by “Yankee,” a tannery established in 1989 in Tuscany, Italy. The belly of the top-grade French raw hides is tanned with vegetable tannin, adding vegetable oil and grease to give the leather its unique softness. This cover allows you to fully enjoy the allure of deep Italian leather, carefully crafted with the power of nature.

The trifold design wraps around your techo and snaps shut with two buttons that twinkle like the stars in the night. The cover will protect your techo inside your bag, but it will open easily when you want to use it.

The pen hook inside the cover is designed to hold a pen by its clip, and the pen fills out the cover nicely when closed.

The Hobonichi logo is foil-pressed in gold on the right-hand pocket.

The Hobonichi Techo leather covers are made with all-natural materials that have their own unique appearance. Every leather cover is a one-of-a-kind, all-natural product, so you can feel good knowing your cover is the only one like it in the world. Here are some of the unique characteristics you can expect to find.

  • Markings that naturally occur during an animal’s life
    Wrinkles, veins, texture, and scratches

  • Characteristics from the manufacturing process of natural leather
    Dark spots (occurs when components of the leather are exposed to iron in the air during the tanning and dyeing process)

A6 Size
H: 165 x W: 325 x T: 3 mm
*Specifications may vary slightly
Material - Exterior: Cow leather / Interior: Cow leather

*Please note that cover does not come with planner book, they are available here:

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