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Escoda RESERVA Round Kolinsky-tajmyr Sable Travel Brush

by Escoda
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Considered by many to be some of the finest watercolour brushes in the world, the Escoda Reserva line of brushes is a true luxury. Reserva brushes are hand crafted from only the best of all Kolinsky hair, sourced from Tajmyr in Siberia and using only the hair from male sables, which provides more snap and control. This select hair is regarded as the best for watercolour because it points so beautifully and carries a tremendous amount of colour. Carefully formed and cured to "remember" their shape, Reserva brushes have a signature snap and an unrivaled resilience. The perfect line for any watercolorist looking for an outstanding brush with exceptional shape and control.

Excellent quality travel brush that comes highly recommended - a beautiful brush with a dark wood and brass handle/cap.

These brushes are available in 6 sizes; 2,4,6,8,10,12 and are approx. 7 inches long when the handle is reversed. Ferrule width ranges from 2.02mm through to 6.9mm. The brushes are sold separately but a handmade top grain leather case to safely store them is also available in store. 

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